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Who Wears: Shraddha Singh

Posted on 10 May 2017

Shraddha of Shrads wears multiple hats as a blogger, model and coder. Get to know her a little more below:

1. Where are you from and what do you love most about living there?
I’m originally from India and have been living in Amsterdam for the last two years. I love the canals in Amsterdam, also, the Netherlands is so green, you can literally walk for just 10 minutes and find a nice spot for a picnic or photoshoot ;) 

2. What do you like to do for fun?
I love travelling so when all else fails, I take a holiday. Well, you can’t always do that so there are other things as well like going to the movies, watching Netflix, going to music concerts or window shopping at luxury stores.

3. Describe your personal style
My personal style is comfortable yet classy. I also dress a lot according to my mood. If I feel like it, I’ll dress up head to toe. If I don’t, I’ll wear my husband’s baggie jumpers with skinny jeans, which I do 70% of times.

4. Favourite place in the world and why?

There are so many places that I just love so much. I love Canada which is full of natural beauty and wildlife. Recently we visited Switzerland and it was literally heaven. But I love Santorini in Greece the most. It’s not as beautiful as Canada and Switzerland but maybe it was the sun, the sea or the people. 

5. Tell us something most people don't know about you.
Everyone knows me as fashion blogger but I’m also a software developer and code big applications in Java.

Follow her on Insta: @shradsblog

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