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#Flower Power Soon Lee x MISCHA Part III

Posted on 26 March 2015

MELISSA MEGAN TEE, Digital Strategist / Visual Stylist

Melissa leads a double life. On any given day, the stylish executive holds a dignified day job she loves. 

Come weekends and time off work, she plays hero to an appreciative audience on social media, dishing out inspiring style ideas, and exploring fashion topics through beautiful images she shoots.

The part-time hero, full-time style lover started out in fashion on the wrong foot. "I was never as feminine as my friends were, and didn't feel comfortable wearing baby-doll dresses or anything frilly. But I tried to fit in, putting on dresses that were always a little too dainty for me." 

Melissa didn't have to look far, eventually finding her calling in her very own closet. "I took my time and experimented to see what worked best for me. Over time, I put on what I felt most comfortable in, believed in my take, and went with it."

What once stuck out like a sore thumb now defines the consummate stylist: Melissa applies her edgy, androgynous take on her blog and styling work, counting international brands from Lacoste to Hermes as clients, while elegantly juggling a full-fledged career in Advertising.

Multi-tasking stunts she pulls off, all thanks to her athletic training, "life always had me jump higher, run faster, train harder", and unyielding support from loved ones. "I resonate very deeply with the quote 'Those who don't believe in magic will never find it'. It reminds me to be thankful to my friends, family and my amazing partner for supporting me through my wildest aspirations."    

Follow her @meltttt

MELISSA KOH, Entrepreneur / Visual Blogger


Widely known for her beautiful visuals, Melissa is the very representation of love and the nuances of beauty.

Taking a leaf out of Melissa's romantic book isn't difficult. Every other image she shares, is a dreamy, inspiring portrayal of her life. A symbol of hope even, that while life can be a stretch at times, beauty (and good moments) can happen.

"Some days we worry about the little things, we let them get to us. But then there are the better days. Those somedays when you feel like anything can happen. I live for the somedays when I wake up, and know I can survive anything that is thrown at me. The somedays where hope runs through my veins and I believe it."

Spending the past 7 years filling her colourful visual blog with stunning images, the Business graduate who never quite got into the trade she was trained in, swapped finance skills for creative prowess very early on in her career.

Gracefully managing a hectic schedule jammed with photoshoots, writing, and endorsements, Melissa is never without her great smiles and cheerful ways. A disposition that must come from her go-to quote. "A flower does not think of competing with a flower next to it. It just blooms."

Follow her @melissackoh

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