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#Flower Power Soon Lee x MISCHA Part II

Posted on 19 March 2015

JAIME LEE, Founder of The Paper Bunny

Boutique stationery label, The Paper Bunny from Singapore has been growing from strength to strength since its launch in 2013, and owner Jaime Lee is one creative force to be reckoned with. 

Scaling new heights on an international front with both her products and her famous #jaimflatlay, Jaime is as detailed and multilayered as the flatlays she shoots, and the flower type she loves. 

"A Ranunculus is a small flower that has an endless number of layers and a contrasting core, all of which makes it the beautiful flower it is. Beyond the layers of pretty clothes, makeup and flatlays, I hope people do appreciate in me a depth of character, consider my odd talents interesting, recognise in me a clear and unmistakable core."

Her take on being your own kind of beautiful is piercingly real: "Women want to be loved, be appreciated and feel beautiful, and in seeking these things we sometimes envy a little too much, strive to be like someone else, or chase after affirmation from others."

"It's always so great to be reminded of how important it is to be beautiful inside out rather than to be just like the girl everyone wants to be.”

Follow her @thepaperbunny

ANDREA CHONG, Fashion Blogger / Host

About a decade ago, fashion collided with social media: The everyday girl and boy armed with a keyboard, proved that a great eye for style and the right intellect can run the same world once home only to fashion editors, models and celebrities.

Andrea Chong, popularly known as Drea Chong, began her journey in that same fashion four years ago. Already a favourite face in the online-store circuit, modelling for several well-known names, Drea co-founded a fashion and lifestyle blog with a friend. It got so successful that both ladies went solo, and never looked back.

Today, Drea counts many international fashion companies as partners and continues to be highly sought after as a fashion personality. Back when Drea was a student, the prospects were not all that clear: "I came from schools that placed more emphasis on sports and athleticism. I was very heavily involved with the Drama Club and always felt a little left out. The cooler kids were in sports and back then, ain't nobody got time for Drama!"

Drea eventually figured things out and is only grateful for her experience. "Even if I could turn back time, I wouldn't change a thing. It was my involvement in the arts that shaped me to become a better communicator, and understand human relationships and emotions. I also picked up skills that I get to use every single day now."

The affable Clicknetwork TV host is also an interior-design buff on the side and sees both philosophical and physical qualities in flowers. "It's wonderful to place and see flowers in your home. They are such space enhancers and have the ability to brighten a person's day. I think that great feeling we get from appreciating flowers can open hearts and minds. A good start to finding balance and stability within yourself."

Determined, passionate, with hardworking ethos to boot, this flower has only just begun to bloom. 

Follow her @dreachong

SANDRA RILEY TANG, Musician / Yoga Instructor 

In merely three years, the music band Sandra Riley Tang is a part of, has taken over Singapore airwaves. The Sam Willows has since played round the world in the United States, Canada, Korea, Australia, and speaks for and to a generation of Singaporeans who take art and cool to a new level.

Sandra, one quarter of the band, has a beautiful silky voice you can listen to all day. There is a soulfulness to her singing that tugs at heartstrings. A sensitivity most possibly built through her younger days battling acne and getting constantly teased for her naturally muscular frame.

"I would get made fun of by the boys. They would often say that if I didn't do well in school, I could be a body-builder. I've since got my acne under control and learnt to embrace my physical stature, turning it from a hindrance to a craft. I keep myself fit with yoga, Crossfit and train with an action stunt team. 'You look like you could beat someone up' is a compliment to me these days!"

Despite the melancholic notes she hits, Sandra is a ball of energy: Cheerful, uplifting, so much fun to hang out with and as it seems, unstoppable. Just this year, the powerhouse started The Yoga Co., a home-concept yoga studio, determined to spread her special brand of positive-strength. 

To Sandra, confidence is everything. "Confidence comes in knowing your strengths and flaunting it; at the same time not being oblivious to your flaws, but acknowledging and working on it. What makes you unique makes you beautiful.”

Follow her at @sandrarileytang

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