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Up Close with Danielle X

Posted on 06 December 2017

We asked visual artist, Danielle Cross to share with us a peek at what's inside her Jet Set Tote. Sydney born artist, Danielle has a background in interior design having studied at Enmore Design Centre. Her works are a dynamic, abstract, textural, emotive and expressive translation. Her inspirations come from her time living in Perth and France as well as her extensive travels all throughout Asia and Europe. 

So, tell us what's in your bag?

Ray Ban hexagon glasses- coincidence the pattern! 
- Canon M6 camera
- Lipstick 
- Pawpaw ointment 
- A sketch pad for my random ideas 
- iPhone 
- BYREDO Bal D'Afrique perfume 

3 must-have in-flight items

- A book! I always carry one as it is one of the only times you can switch off from your phone!
- Travel Calm essential oil for sleep and relaxation 
- A journal/sketchbook, because there is something intriguing and alluring about being so high up. Perspective on everything has clarity when 38,000 feet up in the sky.


The most surprising thing that you carry 

The same perfume Poeme for 20 years, can't bring myself to change my signature scent, absolute staple and take it everywhere.

What are 2 words to describe your style?

Structured & free spirited 

If you could trade bags with someone for a day, who would it be and why?

Maja Wyh - her boyish, relaxed vibe that is seen through her style and images gets me every time. And I know she loves a tote bag so I can only imagine what I could find in there!

If any of your works could become a handbag, which would you choose and why?

'Rock N Roller' on the Jet Set Tote, as I love the abstract and grit like nature of the work, its intoxicating energy and bold monochrome style. Collab!!!

 Check out her artwork on DanielleX

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