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Up Close With Thierry Chow

Posted on 30 June 2019

When feng shui meets fashion. Thierry Chow is the daughter of one of Hong Kong’s most renowned feng shui masters, Chow Hon Ming. Thierry studied art illustration in Canada before returning to Hong Kong to follow in her father's footsteps but with her own twist.

Thierry Chow feng shui; mischa blog

Tell us a little about yourself.

I grew up in Hong Kong and studied in Canada, graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Illustration. My father is a Feng shui master and when I was young I didn’t want anything to do with it, but one day I felt it was my calling to combine art and Feng shui, and it has been 7 years now!

A big congratulations on your recently published book ‘Love and Fate 愛情玄學指南’!  What do readers expect from reading your new book?

Thank you! It is a book written and illustrated by me. Readers can expect a fun and light-hearted book on how to find love, a Feng shui guide that shows how to arrange your space and your personal outfits to attract good energy and finding the right person in a relationship. 

How would you explain Fung Shui to someone who has never heard of it before?

Feng shui is the relationship between the environment and any living being, a practice that allows us to be more aware of our surroundings. If we do it daily as a practice it would help us become happier, healthier and more mindful beings.

Thierry Chow feng shui; mischa blog

With your dad being a renowned Fung Shui Master, did you grow up in a Fung Shui heavily influenced environment and would you say your childhood was slightly different from other kids?

I would say my childhood is only slightly different, at home, my father would change things around a lot and I had never met anyone that has a dad/mom that was a Feng shui master, so as a young kid I felt a little bit different than other kids.

Being a young master, was it hard to build your group of clients in the beginning? Who and where are your clients generally?

It definitely took a lot of time to build up and I remember the amount of work wasn’t little, my clients are generally around my age, in creative fields and both Cantonese and English speaking.

As a designer and art graduate, how has it helped your Fung Shui career path?

I’ve always been an artist from a young age, it was in my blood and I knew it! I hated the way adults dressed me, I loved doodling in class and art class was the only class I could focus on. Studying art all my life and having this strength certainly helped the most in my career path, I think it made Feng shui a little more fun and most importantly, it's helped me find a balance between Feng shui and design/art, which I had thought was a lack in the industry. Thierry Chow feng shui; mischa blog

Is your daily life Fung Shui orientated? Do you make your everyday decisions based on Fung Shui, such as your outfit and your makeup?

This is a question I get asked often, I always say have fun with Feng shui information, I myself know exactly what colours and elements are good for me, but I also don’t let it bound my life either. Sometimes I follow it and sometimes I just go with how I feel, but most importantly have fun with it and let it help you to become a more mindful person!

Any advice or Fung Shui tips for those who want to start their own business in a niche market?

It’s always good to ask yourself, especially when directions seems unclear: what do YOU really want, who are you? When you find the answer to that question, then that’s the most valuable information you could ever have.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? What is your next goal?

I’m launching my modern Feng shui homeware products later this year and a fashion brand in the near future. I see myself as joyful and having fun with my Feng shui empire in 10 years time. 


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