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Up Close With Jo Lorenz

Posted on 30 July 2018

mischa blog; up close with Jo Lorenz

Tell us a bit about yourself, JoLorenz.com and life in general!

I am a stylist and writer who creates content for my clients to use on their digital platforms, or for placement on my own Instagram or website, JoLorenz.com.

I love every aspect of my work and have so much fun working with some incredible brands, every day. The clients I work with align with my own brand message of stylish sustainability and mindful consumerism, in order to live elegantly, not extravagantly.

Originally from Sydney, Australia, I’ve lived in Hong Kong for more than 11 years (my how time flies!) and I’m now Mum to two amazing little dragons, Harry (4) and Jude (3).

My husband and I both wear our hearts on our sleeves and work with charitable initiatives relating to global liberty, equality, and scientific-progression. My husband is also doing his Masters in Climate Change and politics and the state of our planet are constant topics of discussion in our home and we are doing our best to raise intelligent and informed earthlings! 

I love my life and consider myself the luckiest working Mumma out there.

  mischa blog; up close with Jo Lorenz styling photography

What inspires you?

Within my working world, I am eternally inspired by sunlight, as well as uniqueness and originality. The world doesn’t need more of the same heavily edited and pouty images! And in my private world, I am utterly and hopelessly inspired by my family, both here in Hong Kong and in Australia – they are all exceptional people.

mischa blog; up close with Jo Lorenz kids

How do you juggle work-mom life? 

To be a working Mum, you need to outsource parts of your life and get as much help as possible! Then let those people helping you, get on with their work. Give them the tools to make your life better, and they will succeed.

I also make it a priority to try to be 100% present when I am with my boys. I work nearly every day, so when I am home at night and on the weekends, I want them to know I am all theirs.


mischa blog; up close with Jo Lorenz

How has being a mom changed your professional priorities?

Becoming a Mum meant I wanted to focus more on the work I really love – if I am going to be away from the boys each day, I wanted to make it count. Although they are both often very hands-on with my work and I love that I am raising little creatives!

mischa blog; up close with Jo Lorenz kids

What are your top tips for travelling with kids? Any recommendations for kid-friendly hotels, airlines, clubs?

Travelling with kids can be hard! What I have learned though is that you just have to be 100% there for them, at their every whim, for those first 36 hours (minimum). They need a cuddle when you’re carrying seven bags through the airport? Try to stop and give it to them. Their little bodies are struggling with time zones, jet lag and changes in the familiar, and they need to know you have their back!

mischa blog; up close with Jo Lorenz photographer styling

Five things you cannot live without when travelling

My family (at least at the other end of my iPhone), WelleCo Super Elixir travel pouches, one of my Olio E Osso coloured balms, my Su Paris black kimono, and my Sony A6300 camera. Oh and my beautiful MISCHA bags, which I have loved since the moment I moved to Hong Kong!

Follow Jo on Instagram @jo_lorenz.

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