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Tips for Travelling Solo

Posted on 27 January 2017

Solo travelling can be quite daunting but at the same time very self-indulgent. You can spend your days doing exactly what you want, whether it's cafe hopping, visiting museums or lying on the beach. There's no worrying about what your travel partner wants to do.

Solo travel pushes you outside your comfort zone, you'll learn a thing or two about yourself and the destinations you are visiting and more than likely to make new friends along the way.

Here are some tips for solo travel:

- Plan in advance and do your homework

You don't need to plan the entire trip, but make sure your first nights accommodation is booked and arrive in the day time to avoid being alone after dark trying to find your hotel. It helps to have places of interest in mind before departing.

- Stay connected and save on roaming

Purchase a local sim card so you can keep in contact with family and friends over Whatsapp or Skype and in case of emergencies, keep the local police number in your contacts.

- Make copies of your travel documents

Make photocopies of your passport/travel documents and give them to your family members and email yourself a copy. 

- Sign up for courses

If you're in one destination for some time, try a cooking or language class. 

- Don't be afraid to dine solo

Go to restaurants with communal tables and ask a local to order for you.

- Trust your instinct

Be aware of your surroundings, if you don't feel safe, surround yourself with people in a public area. Stick to well-lit areas and main roads.

- Download useful travel apps

A currency converter, translator and travel guides always come in handy.

- Go out and enjoy yourself

Don't be afraid to go out at night, find a spot at the bar and get talking with a stranger. Go to a concert or the theatre.

- Be shameless

Want a photo of you in front of a monument? Don't be afraid to ask a passerby to snap a picture for you.

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