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The Busy Woman Project - Part One

Posted on 10 November 2017

The Busy Woman Project exists to build resilience in busy women in Asia - empowering them to be healthier mentally, physically, and emotionally to lead more fulfilled lives. This is achieved via online content, social wellbeing app BrocnBells.com and hosting wellness events held across Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Bangkok.

In collaboration with The Busy Woman Project, we're sharing tips from their team and ambassadors who manage the great balancing act of work, play and family and inspire us to seize the moment. 

Healthy ritual tips from The Busy Woman Project team

All of us have different ways of recharging. We believe it is imperative to discover how you can unplug when triggered, even if it is something small.

- Berns loves her non-negotiable weekly mindfulness sessions, whether it is a gong meditation or stretch session.

- Chenise likes surrounding herself with feel-good experiences and people, such as checking out new dining spots with others during her travels.

- Jas enjoys zoning out to good beats at an indoor cycling class and lifting weights. A good sweat, as well as simple breath work exercises, help keep her mental, physical and emotional wellbeing in check. 

Working out is a top priority for the team – discover an instructor or the type of fitness that is fun to you so that it becomes enjoyable, rather than a chore!

MEAGHAN SEE @meaghansee

Lawyer & Indoor Cyclist Teacher

1. How do you juggle your career, family and social life and find time to exercise?

I'm fortunate enough that part of my career and social life is also exercise time for me. I get paid to exercise and do what I love (sometimes I think I should be paying them!) I've gotten to know and made really good friends at the studios I teach at which I'm always very thankful for. Dinners at home almost every night is non-negotiable and always Sunday dinners with my family resets my week. Without a doubt though at times it does get overwhelming juggling everything at once when more than one thing needs my attention. But then I take deep breaths and bring myself back to the reasons why I do what I do - then all is okay once again :)

2. How do you keep yourself looking and feeling good?

My priority is to always start the day feeling good, which for me is getting a sweat on. Whether it's going for a run, teaching a class or going for a class, early mornings are essential to make sure the rest of my day goes well. I guess as a result of that, looking not too shabby comes hand-in-hand!

3. What are your top tips for women trying to keep a balanced lifestyle?

I don't think I'm the most balanced person out there and I'm definitely still working towards it! But these are the things that have worked for me so far:

- Know what your priorities are! From there, allocating time to each of your priority down the list is a lot easier.

- Being imperfect is perfectly fine! There's no way you can have everything and do everything you want and be perfect at all of it (unless you're Superwoman). Let go of being perfect and celebrate little wins - ran 8km instead of your targeted 10km? Still 8km more than nothing! 

- Move as much and as often as you can - moving oils my mind. Whether it's a run, barre, indoor cycling, HIIT or even yoga, physical activity keeps the rest of me going. It's such an effective stress reducer and making those good endorphins flow. After all, healthy body healthy mind!

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