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Mother Is Always Right

Posted on 30 April 2018

Growing up, you likely got tired of all the motherly advice your mum offered up at every available opportunity, rolling your eyes at what sounded like nagging, naïveté or plain ridiculousness to your young ears. It probably contained nuggets of incredible wisdom that you just weren’t ready to hear yet. In time, we'll come to the begrudging realisation that mother knew best and that we should've listened to her all those times.

5 Times I Wish I Listened to My Mother

1. Plan ahead - everything from your weekend to your finances. This would've come in handy when navigating the ups and downs of running a business.

2. Early to bed and early to rise - Late nights and long days make it hard to get up early and spend your weekend doing anything else but sleeping. Since then, I've realised that waking up with the sun and sipping slowly on my cup of coffee is so much more productive.

3. Ask for help - while "you can do anything" is an empowering message, it's important to ask for help when life's challenges appear, and always offer help to those who ask.

4. Don't alter your body - That tongue ring really isn’t a good look on anyone.

5. When she said to wear a jacket - it's just the most useful thing. With more time, you'll even catch yourself sounding like your mother! 


5 Times I Wish My Daughter Listened to Me

1. Be nice to each other - this and if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

2. Eat your greens, drink your morning lemon water and take your vitamins.

3. Early sleepers are early risers - It's the rhythm of nature.

4. Don't spend more you have. Budget your spending and put your money to work with the right investments.

5. Be punctual (or leave the house extra early to every appointment) you never know, there might be traffic.


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