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In And Around Kowloon Walled City Park

Posted on 31 October 2017

Our Brand Ambassador, Naomi shares her guide to Kowloon.

Take a tour through Kowloon’s Walled City Park, and reminisce on the fascinating tales of Hong Kong’s past. Being by far one of the city’s oldest and most hidden spots (not many locals have even been here) never would you imagine Hong Kong to be so different to its stereotypical skyscraper persona. From scenic strolls, to enchanting circle doors this park is the depiction of Fa Mulan’s backyard.

The Kowloon City neighbourhood has a lot to offer from history, good food and shopping to karaoke and late-night dancing. 


Hoover Cake Shop

The founding bakery from within the Walled City still operates nearby. Come try anything from pineapple buns to mouth-watering mango mochi, (the best) you’ll want to run back for seconds!

Kung Wo Soy Bean Factory

Soya milk is huge in Hong Kong, and the locals sure know how to make it fresh! Unsweetened, and super tasty as a drink or as a soy pudding.

Amporn Thai
A trip to Kowloon City is not complete without a Thai meal. This no-frills stall in the cooked food centre has a wide selection of Thai favourites.


Chi Lin Nunnery
A beautiful Buddhist complex originally dating from the 1930s was rebuilt completely of wood without a single nail. The surrounding gardens offer a peaceful escape from the busy city life. 

1881 Heritage 

Former headquarters of Hong Kong’s Marine Police Force, this palatial space is home to the latest collections of jewelry and boutique stores. Including gorgeous traditional bannisters and archways based on Victorian Britain

The Ladies Market

Get prepared for the hustle and bustle amongst buying clothes, trinkets and tourist souvenirs, this market snakes over 1km in stalls! 

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