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Ways to Kick-Start Your New Year

Posted on 06 January 2017

What are you going to do to make sure you have your best year? 

Start small, focus on one goal you want to accomplish, then go from there. This year is yours, take control of it!

1. Be open to new experiences

Try something new for a change, we are all too familiar with getting comfortable. Step outside your comfort zone and do something you wouldn't usually do, and notice how it affects your life.

2. Say "yes" more

Saying "yes" instead of "no" opens up new opportunities and possibilities. Say "yes" to a business venture, invitation or event and see what springs from it.

3. Stop worrying about other people's opinions

Stop trying to please everyone. As Edmond Mbiaka says, “Always trying to please others is definitely an assured path to stress and failures in life.” 

4. Put yourself at the top of the list

The old adage is true; we really can’t help others until we help ourselves. Taking care of yourself first will make you a better friend, partner, child, or parent.

5. Be realistic

Dreaming is fabulous and highly recommended, but if you want to accomplish something in life, you need to be realistic. 

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