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Up Close With Jennifer Bachdim

Posted on 31 May 2017

Jennifer Bachdim
In this Global Nomad profile, we sat down for coffee with Jennifer Bachdim, a recent resident to Bali from Sapporo. Jennifer is a global citizen, mother of two, fitness and style maven. We were charmed by her poise, inspired by her multi-media-tasking abilities and her insistence of radiating positive energy for her children.
M: Tell us a little about yourself.

J: I grew up in a small town near Stuttgart, Germany, with an Indonesian father and German mother. Growing up, I was always curious about the world. When I was 23 years old, I had an opportunity to travel for work - that is what first brought me to Indonesia, Thailand and then to Kofu/Yamanashi and Sapporo. My family and I moved to Bali about three months ago for my husband's job. 

M: How did you come to have a blog and YouTube channel?

J: I was not working at the time my daughter Kiyomi and son, Kenji were born. Before having children, I was a model. I have always been interested in fashion and was used to working, so it was natural for me to miss both the fashion industry and work itself. So, in 2015 I taught myself how to run and organise a platform and started my blog! That gave rise to my YouTube Channel, making its debut in 2016. My audience started responding to my posts with more questions, such as how I raise my kids without the help of a nanny, and so I continued to write about the lifestyle I live and the values that are important to me. 

M: In your latest article, "Life Keys" you talk about what makes you happy. Can you share some of your 'keys'? 

J: For me, living in Bali is largely responsible for that. My first priority is to make sure that my children are happy and well. Now that they are a little bit older, I have more "me time" to work out and be active. For me, this instils positive energy that I find to have a calming quality, and these values are what I pass on to my children. I believe that modelling such behaviour and teaching my children these values is an important one of these keys.

M: We love your Family Fashion Fridays. How do you get your husband to agree to that!?

J: He isn't the biggest fan of those, but I manage to get him on board!

M: How often do you travel now?
J: At the moment, not that much! Other than short business trips to Jakarta, I like to be at home with my children, as they are in school. But my husband Ifran [Haarys Bachdim] plays football for Bali United FC, so he travels quite a bit. He is usually away twice a month for about four days, so living in Bali and being able to raise our children together is very important to us. When I do travel, however, I like to keep my readers updated through my YouTube channel, website, and Instagram. 

M. How do you incorporate taking photos and videos into your everyday life?

J: These days social media has grown so much, it's fun to share your life with your followers. Your followers become family because they end up being able to know you well through your social media postings, whether it be a blog, vlog, or Instagram post or story. It's not always easy to take a beautiful picture while juggling a household, kids and husband, but I think I manage it well - and I find it fun to take pictures!

M: What do you think is the most important component to making a good video or post? 
Do you travel with a photographer or is your real husband your "Instagram husband?"
J: I don't travel with a photographer, but yes - I have a gorgeous "Instagram husband" who has always supported me! Be yourself! Don't copy other people - be creative and express yourself. Make sure that you share things you love.

M: Where do you see yourself and your brand in five years?

J: What is most important to me is happiness. I see myself being happy with my children and husband. In terms of my brand, I hope that I can create meaningful content and grow my business - maybe by adding more business ideas besides my blog and YouTube channel. Let's pray for a bright, happy, and positive future.

M: Travelling is important to MISCHA. How has travelling affected you and how you see the world?

J: Indeed, travelling is very important. It's amazing to experience different countries, cities, religions, cultures etc. In every country that I have visited, I was able to learn new things. Every country has enriched me. I hope we will never stop travelling!

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