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#Flower Power Soon Lee x MISCHA

Posted on 05 March 2015

Together with Soon Lee, we have once again teamed up to talk style, fashion and girl power. This season, we're celebrating all different types of beauty and asking "What makes you, you?" 

Here we introduce two of the seven inspiring women of Singapore in our collaboration. Follow the #roundtableofpowerfulgirls conversation on Instagram #flowerpower!

SAVINA CHAI - Fashion Designer/ Style Blogger

Just about every significant cultural movement in history sprang from the energy of youth. Like the hip-swinging teenagers of Rock & Roll, and the Twiggy-esque, mini-skirt chasers of the Sixties, being young, wild and free can be the very game changer. 

At 20, Savina Chai forms part of a growing league of young ladies savvy with social media and passionate about expressing themselves creatively. Well-known for her steely-cool imagery curated on her blog and Instagram, Savina's art direction completely sums her up: Calm and collected, with a sweet ease about her. The budding fashion designer has created her own label Eight Slate, producing stylish cropped tops and minimal clean lines.

With a whole life ahead of her, Savina gets through her daily grind with her father's words. "Bloom were you are planted and sow where you are fed. This is something my father taught me since young. To never take what I have for granted and to always be humble. I hold these thoughts dear in my heart through my work and passion." 

Follow her @savinachaiyj



A pretty bloom is so easy to love. Maimunah Bagharib, or Munah for short, is like that bright, happy flower we all can't help but gravitate towards.

With the happiest flowers, they cheer us up, make us smile and typically, we walk them by. Munah is a great reminder of how even the most cheerful personality works at finding their way; weathering thunderstorms before blooming into the flowers they become. "I guess when I was beginning to discover the person I am, I accepted that I'm a little odd judging from the things I do! But because of that, I've then met people with similar energies who are now great friends. It's the best feeling knowing people close to you are forever supportive and accepting."

Munah sees life as a projection of one's self. "The way you feel about yourself affects how you view life. Keep it simple, embrace yourself and what you've been blessed with. Hang around people who love you for you."

"I've walked into a mass of sunflowers and something about them just fills the air with positivity, warmth and magic. Symbolically, they mean a lot of things that I want to achieve in life - like focus, loyalty, vitality. These I feel are really good traits to live by and something that will help you, in some ways, embrace yourself."

Follow her @munahbagharib

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