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#IamAPowerWomen x Shopdeca

Posted on 23 January 2015

We, along with the lovely team at Shopdeca invited 10 Power Women from Jakarta — media darlings, mom extraordinaire's and career women, to share their inspirational experiences and chat about Michelle’s journey as an entrepreneur over an intimate luncheon at Le Quartier. 

What defines a power woman?

Michelle: A woman that is confident and multi-faceted so that she excels in many different areas. That she keeps a good balance of time for herself, her career and family. 

"I achieved my dreams in fashion industry at this age."
Ayla Dimitri - Deputy editor-in-chief for Style.com Indonesia
Follow her @ayladimitri

"I am a mom and I have a career."
Cathy Sharon - Actress & Presenter
Follow her @cathysharon

"I am choosing the path of life that I want."
Rahmah Ummaya - Entrepreneur & TV Presenter
Follow her @rahmahumayya

Who is the MISCHA women?

Michelle: They are likeminded women, active, curious, confident, loves adventure and travelling. They are multi faceted.

"I love my life without fear of failure and regret. I live to have it all!"
Maya Aldy - Chef & Co-ownder of Otel Lobby

"I am committed to my goals and I like to challenge myself."
Rianti Cartwright - Actress, Model & Presenter
Follow her @riantic

"I live without fear of failure and have faith of the beautiful unknown."
Maria Rahajeng - Miss Indonesia
Follow her @mariarahajeng

What are the challenges of being a woman entrepreneur?

Michelle: I think I have it a lot easier now. There are quite a few challenges, especially time. I am the sort who wants to do everything. I will try as much to cover all my bases and embark on everything which leads to the lack of balance of work, life and family. I don’t have a family now, but I can imagine that it will only get crazier. A lot of my friends are accomplished in their careers and I seek inspiration from that. 

"I believe in myself!"
Dien Tirto Buwono - Creative Director at KLNetwork
Follow her @dientb

"I am allowed to want and have it all!"
Marissa Nasution - Entrepreneur & TV Presenter
Follow her @marissaln

If you could have lunch with a power woman, who would it be?

Michelle: It probably has to be Oprah Winfrey. I truly admire what she has done in her time and from I’ve read, she has overcome a lot of difficulties and has come out victorious in her field. Many things were against her but she still comes out successful now with a platform for her to spread women’s education and women’s empowerment. Plus she has a sense of humour! I will definitely ask her if she ever has a bad day.

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