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Oh what an ordeal!

Posted on 31 July 2009

Finally, finally! Mischa's new collection, new face, new logo, new bags are ready! After my last trip to Tokyo and Kyoto, I've been fiendishly working away on everything. A one woman show is a hard thing to run... The past months have been a frantic and hectic journey of pressing deadlines, instructions lost in translation, all kinds of other hold ups which I won't bore you with... but here is one of my favourites!
I love the colour combinations of red, blue and gold on black. The tubulent tsuami waves and lightning bolts juxtaposed against the calming hexagonal pattern, symbolising the tortoise shell and longevity, makes it so much more meaningful.
And here are a few more of my favourites. Since purple is one of my favourite colours, I made sure to hunt down purple obi on my trip.X

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