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Every Bag Has a Story: MISCHA in Lyon

Posted on 09 September 2011

I just received this delightful story from my girlfriend, Georgina and had to share it!
"I'm writing to tell you a little story about one of your clutches...
We were at a wedding in Drome (near Lyon) last week.  250 people. Mainly French.  It was an incredibly hot day, and I hadn't eaten lunch or breakfast, and so half way through the ceremony, I decided to pass out.  Yes, faint.  As I'm coming round, I find myself lying at the back of the church on a pew, with a number of people fanning me etc.  As my eyes come into focus, I see that one of the fanners was holding what looked like a clutch of yours. So, as they're patting me, checking my pulse and sticking chocolate down my throat, the first thing I ask is "Is that a Mischa bag?".  The girl looked at me blankly, opened the bag, checked, and said "why, yes! I bought it in Bali!"
So, there you go!  The world shrinketh. And your bag empire groweth!"
My gorgeous friend Georgina


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