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Chaturanga Arms

Posted on 11 July 2013

It's been a while since I've written about something more personal and less fashion related. In an effort to do things a little differently in my daily musings, I wanted to sing the praises of my yoga practice; how it's become an important part of my everyday life, helped me on the crazy journey that is running your own business, and given me the best yoga arms!

I discovered yoga one summer holiday when I joined a course out of curiosity.  Yoga didn't have the trendy image it does now and there were no cool looking yogis running around in designer yoga gear. My class was taught by a very stern elderly lady in the classical style, and my classmates at least double my age.  I wondered what I'd gotten myself into that first day but secretly loved the idea that I'd found some mystical ancient practice nobody knew about.

Over the years, I've tried with different 'styles' and been blessed with teachers that have deepened my understanding and others I don't wish upon my worst enemies. About two and a half years ago I nervously went to my first ashtanga class and I've been hooked ever since! What I found in this class that I didn't find in any others, is that it's the perfect combination of physical, mental and spiritual aspects for me. And as part of the sequence, the repetition of the chaturanga dandasana, is what gives all yogis those great arms!

Chaturanga Dandasana

 This chart outlines the primary series in Ashtanga Yoga, the practice which I do about two to three mornings a week and more if I'm being good!

The vinyasa style is both physically and mentally challenging as you go through the sequence of movements.  Each movement corresponding with each breathe, while your gaze follows and is focused on nine different drishtis (so checking out the cute guy in the next row isn't really an option).  All the while making sure that you're breathing with ujjayi breathe and doing each pose as correctly as you can. It's a great feat of concentration which leaves you feeling invigorated, relaxed and fabulous!


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