Founded in 2004, MISCHA is a lifestyle brand that embodies the personal style and sensibilities of its founder and creative director, Michelle Lai. The brand is best known for its signature hexagon print tote bags and accessories, becoming a travel and style essential for the global citizen.

Whether spotted on the way to work, at the beach or boarding a flight, it has come to symbolize a woman on her personal adventure. The brand's identity has been steered by a global understanding and aims to inspire the wondrous spirit within us.



Like many things in life, Michelle’s journey to MISCHA has been a serendipitous one and not without a spark of madness. Her interest in fashion started at a very young age. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Michelle was particularly close to her grandmother, a skillful seamstress who ensured the women of the household were always impeccably dressed. This attention to detail and hands on approach was to become the basis of all her artistic endeavors.

After gaining her degree in Biomedical Sciences at Kings College London, Michelle undertook a career in education. It was not long before her passion for travel, study, art and yoga lead her in a new direction. In 2004 Michelle debuted her collection of vintage Japanese obi clutches. They quickly gained a cult following and MISCHA was launched in 2008. In search for a way to make her mark, Michelle created The Travel Series in 2010.

Michelle was featured in Forbes as “one of Asia’s handbag brands to have successfully gone global.” And has been interviewed by Harper’s Bazaar, People Style Magazine and Cosmopolitan, among other notable magazines. Michelle’s commitment to empowering women is expressed through work with The Women’s Foundation and charities supporting girls education. Michelle was invited to be a speaker at TEDx Youth Hong Kong in 2013 and was featured in Star World TV’s Inspiring Women special for International Women’s Day in 2014.

“My goal is to create a global lifestyle brand for aspirational women who are confident with their own personal style and to become a contemporary classic.”