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MISCHA x Hotel 88 Osaka

Posted on 18 June 2018

MISCHA x Hotel 88 Osaka Japan; blog interiors

The beginnings of MISCHA came from a trip to Japan over twelve years ago and it has been a source of inspiration for as long as I can remember. I would spend hours exploring antique markets and started collecting vintage textiles. My fascination with fabrics and patterns, then led me to design my first collection. But I've always had aspirations to design more than just handbags. My wish finally came true with our first interiors project for a boutique hotel in Osaka! Of course used our signature hexagon print, that represents the sea turtle's shell and symbolizes longevity. 

MISCHA x Hotel 88 Osaka Japan; blog interiors

Set in the heart of Shinsaibashi neighbourhood, it's perfectly located for exploring nearby hidden gems and a definite stopover before heading to Kyoto.  We designed cushions and pillows for the 55 room boutique hotel.

Taking inspiration from Japanese minimalism, we kept the colour palette neutral by using natural raw canvas. We used the signature hexagon print in oversize format and embroidered it in charcoal grey. The contrasting textures pay homage to the antique Japanese textiles MISCHA was founded upon. Read more about how MISCHA started here

MISCHA x Hotel 88 Osaka Japan; blog interiors

If you plan to visit Osaka soon, you can book your stay here


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